Recommended use of insole foot warmers

The heat can be saved

If you haven’t quite used up all the heat: pack the insole foot warmers in an unused, airtight bag and seal. The lack of an air supply will simply stop the warming process. The insole foot warmers will reactivate themselves when they are removed later. This process can be repeated again and again until the entire heat emission period indicated on the product is reached.

Adjustment to body temperature

Some people expect to feel heat during the first use. Even if the warmth activation is clearly noticeable, our feet soles will intentionally ‘only’ become pleasantly warm. Because if the temperature is too hot it could exacerbate circulatory difficulties.

Continuous warmth

Ensure that the air supply is steady in order to maintain an optimum, continuous warming experience. The insole foot warmers should always be used in a closed environment, i.e. inside shoes.

It is important that the insoles are activated for a few minutes (max. 3 mins) in the air before they are placed in the shoes.

The reaction of the insole foot warmers may vary depending on the type of shoe.

Loosen the shoes a little if there is insufficient air flow to the soles.

We also recommend that you move your toes if you stay still for a longer period of time. The movement allows the air to flow around the insole foot warmers again and they remain continuously warm.

However, if the soles suddenly become cold then the air supply has stopped. If this happens, move your feet and toes. You can also briefly slip off your shoe. As soon as the air reaches the warmers again, the warming process is reactivated in 10-15 minutes and you can enjoy the cosy warmth again.

Insole foot warmer expiry

The insole foot warmers can be stored for many years if unopened. You can find the exact expiry date on the packaging. The insole foot warmers are usually still functional for years after the expiry date has elapsed, however the properties of the activated charcoal warmer may diminish. This means that the overall warming time could reduce or the maximum temperature may be exceeded.

Use during longer periods of sitting

Many of our customers love using the insole foot warmers when hunting, fishing or at the football stadium. However, care should be taken here to ensure that the insoles have a sufficient air supply. We recommend you keep moving your feet and toes from time to time when sitting still for extended periods. In this way, you can ensure that the air can circulate and the insole foot warmers remain continuously warm. If necessary you can loosen extremely airtight shoes a little in order to ensure a better air supply.

Recommended use in ski boots

Many of our customers love the insole foot warmers when skiing. We recommend moving your toes and feet now and again to ensure that your warmers stay warm, even in ski boots. This guarantees that the air reaches the pads.
If the insole foot warmer heating process should stop completely, take off your ski boots in your hut for a while next time you have a break. The air that is then able to flow through the insole foot warmers once more which will lead them to warm up again after about 10-15 minutes.

Even more warmth

Our customers like to use insole foot warmers in combination with toe warmers in particular when it is extremely cold, for example when paragliding in the winter. However, in this case, we recommend that toe warmers are applied to the top sides of socks. This means that feet are warmed both from above and below. It is important to ensure that shoes are not too tight when using both products for the best warming experience. If there is not enough space then the warming pads will not have a sufficient air supply. In this worst case, this can lead to the warming process being inhibited, or even stopping and the pads will no longer become properly warm.


Open packaging at the marked position and remove foot warmers. After a few minutes of activation at the air, put the warmers into the shoes with the even side down. Put on your shoes and enjoy warm feet for 8 hours! One-time use: After the warmers have completely cooled down, dispose of them as general waste. Store in dry and cool place. Use by: see edge of packaging.

Avoiding misuse

Do not activate in the air for too long

We recommend that you warm up the insole foot warmers in the air for a few minutes in order to activate the warming process (max. 3 mins). Our insole foot warmers are designed for use in a closed environment, i.e. in shoes. If there is too much air around the warmers, they may become very hot for a short period and the continuous period of warmth for the time stipulated on the packaging may no longer be guaranteed.

Avoid direct contact with skin

Please only use the insole foot warmers with socks and avoid direct skin contact. The maximum temperature of 45° Celsius may feel hot to some. Continuous use directly on skin may lead to irritation.

Activate before you feel cold

In order to guarantee an optimum warming experience, we recommend activating the insole foot warmers before you feel cold. For example, if you have planned a long outdoor walk or you want to go skiing, it’s best to already start using the insoles shortly before your adventure begins. This means that feet will stay evenly warm for many hours. If your feet are cold when you first use the insole foot warmers, it simply takes longer for them to warm up and it may no longer be possible to achieve the desired effect.

No tailoring necessary

As the heating cells in our warmer insoles go right to the edges, it is not possible to tailor the insole foot warmers. Otherwise, the cells could be damaged.
Our insole foot warmers are available in shoe sizes 36-46. If you can’t find the size that fits, we recommend using the toe warmer. These are available in one size fits all.

Do not use while sleeping

The pleasant warmth generated by the warmers is transported and distributed throughout the entire body by the blood circulation. This process can be stopped if the insole foot warmers are pressed firmly against the skin when sleeping. The possible result of this is that the warmth is not optimally distributed and is concentrated on a small area of skin, which is then excessively warmed up.

Safety instructions

Use the foot warmers only while wearing socks and avoid direct contact with skin. The max. heat of 45°C/113°F can feel hot and can cause punctual burnings and skin irritations from lengthy use – especially if used on bare skin or in case of augmented oxygen. Not suitable for medical use. Do not use: for children under the age of 6; while sleeping; if your skin is heat-sensitive, irritated, cracked open or injured. In case of skin reaction, burnings or swelling or if the heat feels uncomfortable, remove the warmers immediately. The warmers cannot be reheated or reused. The natural ingredients are not toxic. Nonetheless, do not pierce or cut the warmers, and avoid contact of the content with eyes, mouth and uncovered skin. Inhaling or swallowing may cause irritation of the respiratory system. Please seek medical advice in this case. Store out of reach of children and animals.
Composition: Iron powder, salt, active carbon, water, vermiculite.